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Word 2007 Support:

Microsoft no longer supports Word 2002. To support you in converting your Word files to Word 2007 her are some tips and resources.

Word 2007 Add-In

This allows you to create easily graphs, perform calculations and solve for variables in Word eqautions, The add-in can be downloaded from:

Word 2007 Tips:

Try typing the following in an equation and see what happens (exactly as shown here - the underscore characters are actual underscore characters - also be sure to press space at the end of a command that starts with a \ sign)

5x^3+2x^2-5x+1 (with the caret symbols - Word changes them to exponents for you!!!)
54\degree +65\degree
3\pi /4
\int_ 1^3
\sqrt (2x+1) (for this one, make sure you press space after the closing bracket, then right click on the radical and see what options you get - you will be able to change it to 3rd root etc, even the 31st root!)

(Type each of the above into an equation box ... not as regular text)

Page last updated on May 17, 2010.